L3 Antminer Bitmain Firmware License renew

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  • ZW10091
Custom firmware version 5.0.0 - Scrypt / Litecoin * new mining engine zwminer 5.0.0 code...plus
Informations sur le produit "L3 Antminer Bitmain Firmware License renew"

Custom firmware version 5.0.0 - Scrypt / Litecoin

* new mining engine zwminer 5.0.0 code inside

* individual  freqeuncy (example: Board 1= 462, board 2= 481 aso.) 

* remote cgminer.conf / zwminer.conf (configuration file)

* and many new features more

* world's first zwminer 5.0.0 for Bitmain's Antminer L3 and L3+

Follow us on Twitter:  MyTokenWallet.com

We need your support: LV8Y1Lx83Jj85NrWGjkRysaRCgANnT7FpD

If you donate, get a valid invoice here!

Buy The Powerful Antminer L3+ ASIC Litecoin Miner Software - Bitmain Zwilla Mod

More details, and learn how to, here: https://antminer.rocks

How to upgrade? https://shop.zwilla.de/en/faq-upgrade-bitmain-antminerl3-with-zwminer.html

How to get a valid license key and get support?


  • Next release will be published on 15 February 2018 (+- 10 days late 01. March 2018)


  • Frontend handling
  • driver optimisation
  • remote config
  • easy license handling (we need just the miner mac)
  • backup pool inside your license key, if you send one
  • fan speed (room temp) best 71 - 74 C°
  • Proof of work (counting shares per pool)
  • Block proof (found blocks)
  • easy one click updgrade and downgrade, or if activated auto update
  • and many more!

Changes since October 2017:

  • bitmain's new backdoor II(2017) fully killed (Antbleed 2) NOTE! Every Antminer has a brand new hidden backdoor!
  • driver optimisation
  • licensing system just for development and security
  • backdoor and malware free
  • Api access with password for critical operations like pool change, start, stop, reboot, restart, update, downgrade
  • killed hardware errors
  • no up and down of you miners hashrate
  • no reboot on flash
  • factory defaults alway uses you pool settings
  • advanced miner stats: Found Blocks, Network connections, miner state, pool settings



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